Hot Rod magazine calls us "Rabid Fanatics"

All 2nd Generation Firebird Trans Ams are welcome to join this club. Only Special Edition cars will receive a registry certificate with their memberships. All members will get a member page and gallery to post as many photos as they wish! Pontiac never actually made a "Bandit Edition" Trans Am, they simply capitalized on the movie, "Smokey and the Bandit", to promote their 50th Anniversary style, black with gold accents, Trans Am LE and SE models.  The actual term should probably be, "Bandit's Trans Am", but who cares! This club does not discriminate about black and gold either. Gold SE, Silver Anniversary, and Recaros, were all special or limited edition Trans Ams, and Bandit could have made it in 28 hours in all of them!

If you have your sound turned down, crank it up, this website has lots of music!

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Bandit and the Snowman on American Trucker!



Above is club member Ric Rodriguez and Burt Reynolds together at a Smokey and the Bandit screening in Tampa!

They had invited Ric up with his 77 Trans Am and he was lucky enough to have Burt stand by the car, sign it and have a few minutes of one on one time talking to him!



FBodyWarehouse made this video at the 2011 Trans Am Nationals!


More information about the new Trans Am on




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