Al Romao


My name is Al Romao, and I have lived in Elizabeth, NJ all my life.

Al and his son in front of his spectacular1980 Trans Am Pace Car!

When I graduated high school, my father bought me a 1980 Pontiac Trans Am SE because he knew I was crazy for the movie!


Al's first Trans Am, a black 1980.

I kept the car for 10 years until I got married in 1989. Since then I have had a love for the car but could not afford it.

A rear shot of Al's first Trans Am.

Well times changed for the better!

The screaming chicken commands attention on this white hood!


I started looking for my car all over the country, but could not find that right buy until I found this 1980 Pace Car in showroom condition in California, so I flew out there to see the car.

The white interior is beautiful!

The man was asking $22,000.00, and I offered him $15,000.00 cash right now, and he took it! I asked him why he was selling this cream puff and he said it's the car or the house.

Everything looks mint on this Trans Am.

He was four months behind on the mortgage. So you see someone else's misfortune can be your fortune! I got the car back to Jersey, and Haggerty insured the car for $39.000.00!


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