Announcements for 2007!

12-16-07 The owner of the 73-74 Bandit Trans Am prototype has joined the club!  His name is Bob Phillips, and he is starting a website on the car.  I'll link to it on his member page when he gets it done.

12-08-07 Check out "Bandit" Rich Beer's member page.  His photo made it into F-BODY WAREHOUSES calendar for 2008! Congratulations Bandit! Rich was also at the first All Firebird Lawn Show in NY.  His car car received one of the Athlete's Favorite 25 Firebirds award ribbons at the show. If you look behind the red Firebird, you can see Rich's Bandit behind it.  If you look even closer, you can see his cowboy hat sticking up behind the car where he is standing.  That picture and an article about the show are in this months HPP magazine. Here's a link:

12-08-07 Check out the Bardstown Lady Tigers new poster!

12-08-07 Check out Patrick Smith's latest installment of the Speed Demon RestorationTips where his 1980 Trans Am gets Paint & Decals!

10-04-07 Welcome new club member Ron Misfeldt and his 1978 Bandit Trans Am from Virginia Beach, Virginia!  He owned this car new, and just bought it back.  It's going to need some TLC after all those years!

09-01-07 Welcome new club member Joseph Smoczyk and his 1977 Bandit Trans Am from Thorp, Wisconson!

08-12-07 A big thanks to club member David "Soupy" Szczublewski of Soupy Productions, Inc., for his generous donotation to the club this month!

08-12-07 Welcome new club member (actually he is an old club member that found us again!) Ingolf Giessen and his 79 Bandit in Germany!

08-01-07 Welcome new club member Keith Peck and his "award winning" 1976 50th Anniversary LE!

07-22-07 Check out Pat Smith's latest Speed Demon Restoration Tips page called Body Work - Part 2!

07-20-07 Welcome new club member John Farrar from Kilpedder Ireland! He may be the only one in Ireland to own an SE!

07-08-07 Welcome new club member Bret Ellard and his 78 Gold Bandit Trans Am!  Bret has a very interesting story of how he found his wife and his car!

07-07-07 Welcome new club member Ron Kruse and his 77 Bandit Trans Am!  Ron was an old club member from 1994 that found our club again and that feeling that he wants to start restoring his T/A!  Good luck Ron!

05-12-07 Welcome new club member Scott Draper and his 76 Trans Am LE!  Safe travels to all going to the 1st Bandit Run, have a great time, and take lots of pictures!

04-07-07 Check out Pat Smith's latest edition of Speed Demon Restoration Tips entitled "Body Work"!

03-11-07 Do me up a drawing of a bandit will you? A 1981 interview of Burt Reynolds and Hal Needham in Pat Smith's latest Speed Demon article!

Click here or on the picture to go right to the article: Do me up a drawing of a bandit will you?  Also welcome new club member Marc Cruji from Napanee Ontario Canada!  From club member David Bosak; "Dayton Trans Am Nationals have re-added SE class this year for 2007 show both  stock and modified" This is great news for club members that wanted this back!  Bandit Rich Beer submitted a video he found that syncs a great Trans Am video to Sammy Hagar's song "Trans Am"! 

02-26-07 Welcome our newest club member Ric Rodriguez and his 1977 Bandit Trans Am in Sarasota Florida!
02-20-07 Pat Smith has had a great article published in Sports Car Market magazine.  It's called; "Affordable Classic: 1976-1981 Pontiac Trans Am “Bandit”"

Click here or the banner to go to the article. Affordable Classic: 1976-1981 Pontiac Trans Am “Bandit"

02-20-07 Lovers of Bandit Trans Ams will like this announcement...Fox broadcasting is launching a new show to replace Prison Break called "Drive" in April.  According to a tip from Tyler Hambrick, the commercial for the show featured a 77 Trans Am.

Click here or on the picture for more information.  Drive

02-19-07 Welcome our newest club members Jed Baker, and Harlan Hermele!  They have been waiting some time to get on the website while we were making the switch to our new hosting company.
02-18-07 Here is the sale of a lifetime!  Crawford Smith, the first director of the Bandit Club, is putting his entire collection of Bandit Trans Am parts and memorabilia up for sale!  Included are the Franklin Mint cars he was given for letting them use his car for a model, lots of magazines, car parts, models, and more! Below are pictures of the Franklin Mint model that used to sell for $100.00!

Click here to see the massive list of things he has for sale:  Big Sale

02-16-07 Spring of 2007 is starting out with a blast for those that can attend the first ever Bandit Run that will include a drive from Texarkana to Atlanta and a tour of all the great movie locations from the first Smokey and the Bandit movie!  Movie crews will be on hand to document this one of a kind event.  Click on the banner for more information, and to sign up now!

01-07-07 It looks like Year One is starting 2007 big time with it's announcement of a new Bandit that Year One and Burt Reynolds are designing for release in the near future!

Is it true?  Is it a joke?  It's to early for April Fools Day, so maybe this project is on the up and up!  You read the release for yourself and judge: The Bandit Lives!

01-04-07 Here are three pictures taken by Burt's chauffer during the making of Smokey and the Bandit!  They recently popped up on EBay with a starting bid of $7000.00!

No one bid on the photos, and they were listed again with a starting bid of $3500.00. Ebay Auction  No one bid at $3500.00 either and the pictures were not listed again.

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