Announcements for 2013!


07-06-13 Welcome new club member Brian Ripley from Prospect, CT, and his 1977, low mile, Special Edition Trans Am!

02-17-13 Welcome new club member Dion Kingsbury from Lake Charles, Louisiana and his 1981 Black and Gold Trans Am that he made into a 77 SE Clone!

02-18-13 Welcome new club member Gary Gibson from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, and his 1981 Special Edition Trans Am!

02-19-13 Pat Smith has a new installment of Speed Demon News entitled "Tips on Color Matching your Paint Finish" This one was also co-written by Jeffrey Wright!

02-20-13 Welcome new club member Jacki Szczublewski from Florida and her immaculate 1979 Solar Gold Trans Am!

02-21-13 Welcome new club member Matt Miller from Saint Louis Missouri and his 1977 Special Edition Trans Am! Matt also runs a business called Smokey and the Brisket, and makes the club shirts and decals for the Bandit Club!+

03-09-13 Welcome new club member Marc Gour from Plantagenet, Ontario, Canada, and his 1979 Trans Am SE!

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