Brett Campbell - 78TA

Everyone who has a Trans Am has heard of the Hitman!  If you don't know who the Hitman is, check out his website at We have made Hitman, (Brett Campbell), an honorary member of the club due to his extensive knowledge of the 2nd generation T/A and the services he has always offered to many of the members of our club and a lot of T/A owners around the world.  His website offers free restoration info, and lots of great tips and pictures so that you can do the work yourself.  For those who don't have the time to do the hard labor, Brett spends countless hours restoring the gold T/A SE snowflake rims that we all need to perfection.  He wrote in an email:

  "I have a lot of great services that could be of help to you and your members.  I have a lot of original information from 1975 to 1981 so I can answer any questions your members might have.  I also do a lot of refinishing of snowflakes and turbo rims, hood scoops, t-tops, etc.  Plus I also have a lot of original manuals for sale on CD.  If there is anything I can do for your members, just let me know!"

  Many Bandit restoration cars have Hitman's restored rims on them along with all the other services and parts he offers on Ebay and his website.  Brett is already a part of our Yahoo group email and has been listening to us for a while. He does not have a Bandit T/A (an SE model), but his fully restored '78 Black & Gold T/A could put some of our cars to shame.  I ask that all members welcome Brett as a full honorary member, and welcome him to the club.  Does anyone recognize the guy with the handlebar mustache next to Brett?  Go to to find out!  I won't tell you where to look, you'll just have to see it all!

Brett's Photo Gallery