David A. Bosak

Hi, I am David A. Bosak. I am 40 years old, and was married in 1991 to Colleen. Our first son was born on 9/12/97, and our second son was born 4/24/01. I have worked for the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel since 1992 in the Engineering Department. I maintain all the phone lines and network lines. I bought my first Bandit in 1978 from an auction in PA. for $1,200.00. It was a stolen and recovered vehicle. I replaced the following parts: front clip, doors, rear seats, the spoilers, rear glass, dash, rims, and T-tops. The car was first repainted in 1982, then repainted again in 1987. The stripes were added at that time. The car has under 40,000 miles on it today. My second project is a '78 Firebird Espirit that I bought for $100.00. I got there just before the bone yard picked it up. I wanted parts off of it, but my sons said, "no Dad, we can't let a Firebird die", so we are rebuilding it as a group project. I also own a 1974 Firebird Formula. It is complete, but badly rusted and will take some time to restore. I am also trying to buy back my old '78 Formula from my sister!

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