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I have a 1977 Black SE with hurst t-tops...most of the info about the car is located on: www.restoreamusclecar.com  There, you'll find some recent pics of me and the car, a few awards we've won recently...and a ton of restoration pics and scan of the PHS/sticker that shows it's a true SE.  Here's that link: http://www.455transam.com/77seaz/  I am also interested in discussing the possibility of a cool event.  The 30th anniversary of Smokey and  the Bandit is coming up in 07...I live in North Texas...I think it would be really neat if we could organize a caravan of Bandit TA's to retrace the steps Bandit and Snowman took from Texarkana, TX to Atlanta...I recently saw a special on Discovery Channel about the Mustangs Across America drive...I think a similar special on the Bandit TA and the 30th anniversary of the movie would be even cooler...let me know you thoughts....thanks!

David Hershey

"Congratulations to David Hershey for his first place win at the Arkansas Pontiac Associations big spring show in Little Rock, Arkansas! Also, coming in August, his Bandit car will be featured in the new Will Ferrell comedy called 'The Goods:  The Don Ready Story'.  The movie is due out in August and is about a used car salesman (Jeremy Piven) tasked with selling all the cars at his lot over one weekend.  David said, " My car is featured as the 'marquee' car on the lot and several principle scenes were shot in it.  The movie co-stars Ving Rhames, David Koechner, James Brolin and Alan Thicke.  The attached pic of my wife, Lori aka Frog with David Koechner and my car in the background.  The special fx team had to make it look very beat up and worn with FX powder.  I nearly had a cow when I first saw it!  The movie was shot in 2008 near Pasadena, CA.  The movie producers specifically asked for a black 1977 Trans Am...Will Ferrell has great taste!"

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This is how David shows his car! Amazing!