David Smith

1979 Trans Am SE
Original, no restoration
Current original mileage:  32,405 miles
Black on Black

My Dad was never a car guy and no one in my immediate family was either, but I can remember the first time I saw a muscle car when I was 5 years old.  I was standing in my driveway with my bicycle when I heard this rumbling coming up the street and what drove by me was the beautiful thing I had ever seen, a brand new ‘68 Dodge Charger that was candy apple red with American Racing wheels.  I had just lost my muscle car virginity and ran into to tell my mother who just said “that’s nice” and went about her business.

I became a Trans Am enthusiast like most people when the movie came out.  My Dad and I went to see it and though my Dad couldn’t get Sally Field out of his mind, that car was etched for all time in my subconscious and I promised myself that some day I was going to get one if it took the rest of my life.  Then in high school a friend from another school got one and although he wasn’t the most attractive guy in the world, he got more action than Tiger Woods and I was convinced that next to being a rock star having a muscle car was the next best thing.

I always noticed Trans Am’s but couldn’t get past the change made in 1982 and sort of forgot about owning one until Ebay Motors went online.  I have been drooling over Trans Am’s on that site since and finally told my wife back in July of 2009 that the time had come and I was going to get one.  That did not go over well, but I finally persevered and flew to Phoenix to look at a Black ‘79 SE that I had my eye on.  Glad I did, because the car was in bad shape and it gave me a good perspective on what someone can do with photoshop but I was deflated all the same.  I had two cars get sold out from underneath me on Ebay and I was about to give up when I saw the car I have now on Ebay and noticed it was right under my nose here in Colorado.  Funny how things turn out.

The car is all original with everything working including the 8 track and the clock.  I feel I have a real prize here and love the attention is get when I drive it around Castle Rock.  People from all ages get whiplash doing double takes and it drives like a dream.  There are a few creaks and rattles that accompany a 32 year old car, but with a little TLC this car will be in the best shape since the day she rolled off the assembly line in Van Nuys California on December 20, 1978.

David A Smith
Castle Rock, CO