Dion Kingsbury

Don Kingsbury


My name is Dion Kingsbury and I live in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Dion's awesome 1981 Trans Am modified to look like a 77!

About me.. I worked for Northrop Grumman for 11 yrs as a aircraft painter, Painted Boeing 707 aircraft for the us air force. after being laid off due to slow work I found a job on a harbor tug as a deckhand after working my way up and going to captain school I am now a captain with my own boat and crew. this is my new life and plan to do this till I retire.


Bringing home their new project.

I have a wife Heather we been together 15 yrs.. Have 2 great kids, our son Austin 11 and our daughter Maryssa 6,  Two dogs, 1 fish a tortoise, and our Trans am. she is a big part of our family. I found our Trans am on eBay by mistake. My son and I was looking for GTO's and this Trans am kept popping up on our search for a Pontiac gto. I thought to my self That's a cool car but my son wanted a gto. well we placed a bid on a gto we found. that night we got out bidded. we were sad.  I kept thinking about that Black Trans am...The next morning I called the owner of the Trans am.. He told me you have to see it and hear it. so my son and I  went to check this thing out..12 hrs away. This was the best trip we ever had. we loved the car bought it..then the guy tells us his son has a general lee so just had to see it. it was a dream come true for me and Austin..we brought our car home another 12 hr drive.

Dave and his son go to work changing the 81 front bumper to a 77.

We unloaded it and went strait to working on her. We did all the work on our own!

Giving the car that Smokey and the Bandit look!


The only thing I didn't do was apply the gloss black paint.

Austin giving the thumbs up on the new decal.

Our car is cared for every day, and stays in a climate control garage.

Maryssa posing in front of their beautiful TA.

I drive it everywhere, never trailer.  Everything is new and she drives better than my new Chevy truck. I am a little scared to park her in the Wal-Mart parking lot. lol


Dion's TA is always a show stopper!


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