Geoff Leeson

My name is Geoff Leeson, 45 years young, 7 children and one granddaughter 2 years of age.  Originally from an outback area of Queensland but moved to Western Australia in 1986. I work as an Electrician in the mining industry and a part time truck driver. Following on from my mother and father both racing speedway sedans I have raced sprint cars, (one club championship), and speed cars and these days the hobbies are waterskiing and staffordshire bull terriers.  I am the proud owner of a much sought after 1971 R/T Charger built by Chrysler Australia, 265 cu straight 6 with triple webbers, dualheaders etc., as a standard option in original Magenta (Pink) @ 290HP off the showroom floor. Now after hearing about a car on a farm during a bit of boy stalk in the mess at the mine site, I have a pretty neat unmolested Trans Am. Yes, I also grew up with "Smokey and the Bandit", so I had to have a look. The car had been imported by the owner when he moved here in 1985 and stored in a shed under a tarp. Started once that he can remember in the past twenty years but not moved. I pumped the tires up, used a bit of wire to get into the car and put it on a trailer home. Washed it and spent about two hours in total to have it running, cool hey !!  The car is pretty much dead straight, no rust,  and the interior is as it was when it was parked up, bags for T- tops never been used as with spare and not much else to complain about.

Here's to owning a "Bandit"!

Geoff Leeson
33 Coldicott Tce
Western Australia
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