George Kehler


Hi, my name is George Kehler, and I live in Johnson City Tennessee.

I had a 1 of 360, 1979 Special Edition Trans Am registered with the club but have since sold it. Now I have a 1978 Special Edition that I've been driving for several years.

George and his 1978 SE.

This car sold originally at Steve Johnson Pontiac in Colorado Springs, Colorado for a sticker price of $7995.00.


This Trans Am still looks as mean as it did from the factory.

Although originally a solar gold Y-88, this Special Edition car was repainted black in its later days in Florida.

What a gorgeous hood bird!

It retains its numbers matching higher horsepower W72 220 HP engine, and still mated to its factory Hurst 4 speed transmission, one of only 1267 produced that year.

That hat commands attention!


I have continued to use the original Rochester carburettor and have re-geared the rear end for highway driving.

This bad boy has been places!

I have driven it in Bandit Runs from 2008 to the present without problems.

How lucky to have a Burt Reynolds's signature on your Special Edition!

The engine has not been rebuilt and continues to perform without fault. It still contines to turn heads whenever I drive it !! Looking good for 34 years old !!!

This was my 1979 Special Edition.

Thanks, George

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