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Until 1992 I had some local classic cars - to drive to work, having fun, drive to work again ....Then I was searching for an additional car which should be something to cruise around just having fun, enjoying the weekends and the sun. It should be something like a '76 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible - red and white or black.

While I was searching all the local and regional newspapers for my US-car to buy, the month's were passing, the end of spring was near and I still haven't found my car. There were Cadillacs of '59 and '60 - not bad either - but horrible expensive. There were Corvettes of '68 - also not bad - but also very expensive. And all the time there were some Firebirds, Camaros and Mustangs of the 70's. Most of them were standard models, nearly all were in a very 'strongly used' condition. But suddenly I red the lines about a Firebird Trans Am 1979 to be sold - not cheap but for an appropriate price. I knew a Trans Am by reading magazines, of course from the movies and sometimes seeing one passing by, but I didn't knew any special details to be checked buying such a car. So I drove to the address and met the owner. Yeah - that's it!!

 I was trying hard (very hard) not to let him know, that I already decided on the first look, that I would get that car. For it's age and in relation to local cars from '79 and regarding the price, it was in an excellent condition with only 45' miles on the counter. After some routine checks and a short test ride (wow !!!) I paid the price and drove my TA home. Until the end of summer I collected a lot of catalogs of parts shops planning to 'pimp' my TA during the winter for the next year's season. There were scoops, spoilers, extensions and all that stuff.

 But a short time later I was very, very lucky having also purchased all the books about Pontiac Firebird TAs. After reading them I was and I still am sure the previous owner never knew what he has sold. I was sure that my TA must be a Special Edition. To verify, I tried to get advise and serious information how to find out. In 1997 I got a first contact to "The Bandit Trans Am Club" and after I found the build sheet under the passenger seat and some hours puzzling, I was sure : Y84 Special Edition. This car must be kept in original condition and so I still care for it to keep a real classic car and to save it's value. Through all the years my TA only came out of the garage when the weather was fine. In fact it's not yet in a perfect condition (planned for 2009), but it's in a condition to be proud of. In more than 14 years I just had trouble one time - a defective battery. There's no better feeling than cruising a TA. I'll keep this car as long as ever possible - hopefully another 20, 30, ... years.


In Europe I'm also a member of the "Schweizer Pontiac Firebird Club" (Switzerland since 1978)

 I have attached some pictures and scans. (oh dear, I have thousands of brilliant pictures of other cars but not even a good one of my own) Also I don't have a picture of myself, but there's no need -

"I'm about six feet tall wearing a cowboy outfit (blue jeans, red shirt, bright cowboy hat) and on the way to ..."

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Hmmmmm...sounds like he looks like this guy!!!

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