Jason Miller

My name is Jason Jameson Miller, my friends call me "JJ".  

   My daddy and mommy bought me a 1981 S.E. Turbo Trans Am on 01-15-05  as a gift to me on their 5 year wedding anniversary. I was only 17 months old.  My dad is a huge Trans Am fan!  He owns 4 other Trans Ams.  A '79 4-spd W-72 non T-Top nocturne blue / tan interior, a '78 4-spd W-72 non T-Top mayan red / tan interior, '78 Macho Trans Am #114 and a '89 T/A # 7 cloth interior festival car (originally owned and driven by Kathy George).  We live in Birmingham, Alabama.   My dad's name is Jason and my mom's name is Libby.  My dad and I will start restoring this car soon and will send updated pictures.  It has T-Tops with black vinyl interior.  The car is in great shape, but will be perfect.  I can't wait until I am 16 years old and get my driver's license!


"JJ Rocket"

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