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Picture taken at the 2009 Bandit Run in Nashville, Tennessee!


Hello Everybody, My name is Jeff and I have been a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am lover since I was six years old, opening day in 1977 for the greatest car movie in the world.  S&TB!  Fast forward to March 1992 when I was talking to a friend who was reading the Want Ads.  At the time I had been looking for a 400 to put in my 1977 Bonneville 4dr, and he knew of my talks of making a “BANDIT’ because I did not know of the actual existence only fakes, myths and dreams.  And…the ad read “1977 HURST BANDIT SPECIAL EDITION TRANS AM 400 4-speed, engine fire, have front clip $1500.00 obo call…...........
 I was excited but in disbelief ! I thought he was foolin' with me.  I grabbed the ad and called the number.  The guy said he had lots of receipts and the build sheet etc., “another coveted piece of paper I thought was a myth too”, and I made arrangements to go look at the car.  I had no money and my parents said that it was a waste of your money and they weren’t going to help out.  I looked at the car and I was sold.  Told the guy I’d be back in a couple of days with $$$.  I went to the bank and begged for $$$$, with no credit at all they looked at me like I was nuts and then I talked to the manager for a while, she knew my parents, and she decided to take a chance on me at 14.9% interest. Wow, I got the loan and the car , I proceeded to build my credit with paying off loans quick and getting more to buy parts for my new baby.  Almost a year went buy and I’d bought a 1977 parts car and stripped it then I saw the ad in HPP magazine for the start up of the BANDIT TRANS AM CLUB. I joined up as one of the original members and over the years attended the shows etc.  About two years into my project, (I had a day job as a paint and body man) I was no where near finished due to lack of parts availability and large amounts of funds, so I decided to buy a quick fixer upper (paint and interior) 1979 T/A to fix and drive because I wanted to drive a T/A because of I had the” TA-FEVER”.  Thus began my car buying spree.  Over the years since I have bought, owned, sold, stripped, fixed up, etc. about three dozen Firebirds and Trans Am’s from 1970 - 1992 and a few Camaro’s too.  I had a nice couple of years with a buddy of mine wheelin’ and dealin’ F-Bodies until he got a higher paying job and stopped.  I still do it now and then when I find a deal but for now I’ve got my hands full with my other two projects.  A 1969 Dodge Charger R/T S/E “General Lee is my excuse for straying there” and my 1974 Trans Am. I have been an auto shop supervisor and body shop manager as well as professional painter and mechanic for seventeen + years, now I currently paint cars and trucks for Metrobus in the Service Vehicle Shop. This year to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of S&tB we went on the Bandit Run down to Georgia and the Year One Experience. What a blast that was! We got to cruise around Road Atlanta race track over 2 dozen times meet Chip Foose & Kenny Wayne Shepherd. We  even got to go on a guided tour of many of the places the movie was filmed thanks to fellow Bandit lover Tyler Hambrick who did one heck of a job locating sites and giving the tour! So far with the publicity and TV / Magazine crews down there for the event I managed to finally get my picture and car in several publications as well as the internet. Some of them were Hot Rod TV, Hot Rod magazine, High Performance Pontiac, WMZQ radio station, ESPN2, Motortopia, soon DIY Network probably  just to name a few. Just think last year I was complaining to the club about I never got that but finally 15 years after I got the car I get my small moment in the sun even if it is just a few pics, pretty cool indeed.   Well that is enough for now maybe I’ll add more later!  I’m east bound and down, keepin' my wheels spinning, and the beavers grinnin !
J.A.W.  08/13/2007

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Jeff on the radio!

Jeff was recently on his hometown radio show: 98.7 WMZQ Country

Here's how it went down:

Friday's 7 O'clock SingAlong: Friday's song was Jerry Reed's "East Bound and Down" Missed it? Click it...

"Hi, I try to listen as often as I can but this week has been hecktic at work and I've not been near the radio much. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THOUGH, at least that's what I've heard from my friends the last day or so. I'll try to listen at 7:00 AM Friday though. They tell me you were wondering about Fred, Frog, Snowman, Buford, and the Bandit this week. I hear you'll be playin' my song Friday too. I know all the words! I thought I'd send you some pictures of my car and dog. Yes that is an 8-track tape player with S&TB soundtrack on it! In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Smokey and the Bandit I recently got back from Georgia, we went on the "Bandit Run" to Atlanta, We even got to visit movie sites where it was filmed, what a blast it was! The car is on ESPN2 Hot Rod TV and also in the September issue of Hot Rod along with a few more nuts like me! 10-4 I'm 10-10 on the side and I'm East Bound and Down!!!!"

Click Here to see Jeff's pictures on their website!

Then In the September Hot Rod magazine Jeff's T/A is on page 62 top left second car, page 64 bottom left pic fourth car back in row, and page 66 bottom picture first car behind YOE bandit, his is by the orange cone.

Jeff's Trans Am was also on the home page of the Hot Rod magazine website in 08-2007!  The cover changes every month so here's what it looked like.

(Jeff's Trans Am is the second car back on the left)

Here are links to the pages of the story;

Page 1

(Same picture as above)

Page 2

(Jeff's Trans Am is the second picture top row, forth car back)

Page 3

(Jeff's Trans Am is in the second row from top - first picture - Bandit in front of green building, same row - third picture - in front of Fred' Lake)

(Third row - first picture - car doin' the skid,  same row - second picture - car beside mini van parked.)

Click on all the pictures to blow them up bigger!

Jeff also says his car has been on ESPN2 and Hot Rod TV and is supposed to be in another show that has not aired yet and at least one more magazine!


"My Bandit sitting at the lake that Snowman's dog Fred went swimming in."

"OOOPS! Bandit's having a bad hair day. Fiberglas from fire, picture is taken the day I bought the car home, my parents thought I was nuts and so did my friend's."

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