John M. Smidt

 My name is John Martin Smidt, from Lundby, Denmark.  My car is currently being restored; it is in very good condition and is getting a black paint job this week.  The interior is also in excellent shape.  There is only 25,100 original miles on the car.  This car is loaded with: air conditioning, tilt steering, cruise control, power windows, power locks, and T- tops.  It has the 403 engine with an automatic tranny.  I found the car sitting in a garage in Silkeborg, Denmark, in 2003. The last owner had bought the car in 1993 from a USA soldier who was working on a naval air base in Ålborg, here in Denmark.  Also, the previous owner had garaged the car for ten years; he did not know it was a Trans Am SE Y84.  At that time, he was asking $5,800 for it; now it's mine and I have all the documentation for it. The car has won First Place in its class at car shows in 2004 in Denmark.  We have a Trans Am Club here in Denmark ,  and we have 75 members.  Only 3 of us have a Trans Am black and gold Special Edition. My car and my number is 19 in the club.

Best Regards, John

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