Laquie Campbell

This is my 1976 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Trans Am. I'm the 3rd owner and purchased it in 2003. My love affair with Trans Ams started many years ago with my mom's 1977 Special Edition Trans Am. She loved that car and I loved riding around in it. The car unfortunately met a terrible demise when I was pretty young, but I never forgot it. After graduating from college in 2002, I decided it was a good time to relive my childhood and look for my dream car, another 1977 Bandit. During my search I ran across a gentleman's website about his 1976 Limited Edition Trans Am. It was a stock 400 engine. The vinyl upholstery was in good condition. The exterior had been repainted and looked good as well. As I looked through the site, I realized that he was selling the car. It was in such great condition and he was selling it for such a great price, that I had to consider revising my search a little. He lived in Massachusetts and at the time I was in New Mexico. I was a little reluctant to buy a vehicle thousands of miles away sight unseen, but after speaking with the seller I decided to take a chance. I had the vehicle transported all the way to my grandfather's auto shop in Albuquerque and it was just as the seller said it would be. The car was in great condition and I fell in love the moment I saw it. It's been a great car with minimal problems for being 30+ years old. I've enjoyed cruising around with my friends and watching the double takes of men as we cruise by. It brings a smile to many faces and I get a lot of thumbs ups. And of course there are the people that smirk and gawk. And I just nod and smile back at them as if to say, "Yes, this is a hot car and yes, a woman owns it."


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