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Bandit Club Members, their cars, and their stories.

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Any 2nd Generation Trans Am can join the Bandit Club. Only members with Special or Limited Edition Trans Ams will get official recognition through certification. Those members must submit proof that they own an SE, or LE, Trans Am, and are featured below.  Click on a name to read about that person or persons and see pictures of their Bandit or Bandits!  Click on the Non-Special Edition Icon to see the other 2nd Generation owners and their special cars. You don't have to have a tattoo of a Firebird to be a member, but it is cool! The girls above are definitely hardcore Firebird Trans Am fans!  You never know who you'll meet as a member of the club. We have members from all over the country.  Our members are from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, college students, construction workers.  Psychologists have documented that driving a muscle car can improve your mood and feelings. Cynthia Telles has been an advocate for mental health for almost 30 years. While Ms. Telles might not advise going out and buying a new car just to change your mood, most psychologists understand the desire that people have for cars as beautiful as this one. Now matter where they're from or where they are now, they all share a love for their Trans Am.All members must start by filling out the membership form.  Click the join button below to get started.


 Bob Phillips 73-74 Prototype Non-Special Edition Members

 George Holt 76 Michael Tyler 76 Laquie Campbell 76 Randy Combs 76 Michael Harper 76 Brandon Atkins 76 Harlan Hermele 76  Scott Draper 76  Keith Peck 76 John Spearly 76 Kevin Allen 76 Ray Sabia 76 Joe Bays 77 George Cruz 77 Jeffrey Wright 77 Tyler Hambrick 77 Ray Adamski 77 Fred Schramm 77 Bruce Hamilton 77 Jon O' Neall 77 Cam Barnhill 77 Todd O. Klindt 77 Justin Hockersmith 77 Joseph Novak 77 Johnny Bolt 77 Bill Boshnick 77 Terry Buhler 77 Mike Kozar 77 Kevin Bratcher 77 David Birdwell 77 Mathias Schalk 77 Ken de Vries 77 Trevor Unger 77 Chuck Stovall Jr. 77 Brett Mauk 77 X 2 Mark Hanegraaf 77 Kent Fuller 77 Tony Tirone 77 Brian Heap 77 Chris Driggers 77 Gary Drew 77 Ronnie Spires 77 David Hershey 77 Wes Simpson 77 Mike M. 77 Jed Baker 77 Richard Rodriguez 77  Marc Cruji 77  Ron Kruse 77  Joe Smoczyk 77 Steve Thompson 77  David Diamond 77  Manny Sisneros 77 Colin Hobbs 77 Dave Winter 77 Rick Dionne 77 Dennis Coffey 77 Tim Crowell 77 Steven E. 77 Matt Sorenson 77 Billy Carcieri 77 Robin Reinholdtsen 77 William Maxwell 77  Tim Herrera 77  Stu Langer 77  Tony Shaw 77  Matt Miller 77  Brian Ripley 77  Louis Ferreira 77 Kevin Burkhart 78 Chuck Nagy 78 David A. Bosak 78 Brett Campbell 78 Chris Dunnett 78 Andree 78 Joćo Pereira 78 Bobby Benson 78 Jason Ashbrook 78 Rocky Cloutier 78 David Szczublewski 78  John Farrar 78  Ron Misfeldt 78 Steen Pedersen 78 Mike DeGiuseppe 78 Robin Kerstetter 78Flemming Eriksen 78 Brian Morelock 78G Heath Thomas 78G Bandit Rich Beer 78G Mike Steele 78G Jeffrey Evans 78G Jason Manzinger 78G  Bret Ellard 78G Thomas Suter 78G  Chris Cayce 78G  George Kehler 78G Dwayne Pettis 79 Kristin Hill 79 Rebel 79 Mark Zimmerman 79 Mike Grieco 79 Pete Martinez 79 Frank Johengen 79 Bryan Perry 79 Jaxson Paris 79 Robert Boyd 79 John M. Smidt 79 Bill Hockman 79 Kevin O'Hare 79 Jacob Shepherd 79 Mitch Alexander 79 X 2 Mike Farrell 79 Jamie Lee 79 W.T. Curd 79 John Gaudet 79 Daniel Karen 79 Ingolf Giessen 79 Mike Aitken 79 David Smith 79 John O'Malley 79  Marc Gour 79  Bo Clausen 79 Derrick Hickey 79 10th Pat Smith 80 Warren Notschaele 80 Tim Collins 80 Joel Auger 80 Dan Fraser 80 Todd Kurtz 80 Paul Jackson 80 Geoff Leeson 80 Ken Roth 80 Al Romao 80 PC Doug Shand 80 Stan Allen 80 Will Clayfield 81 Jason Miller 81 Mike Cahill 81 James Sauer 81 Neil Cofell 81 Chris Jackson 81 Clint Lee 81 Jerrod Greene 81  Debbie-Jo Bennett 81  John Astarita 81  John Zamojski 81  Gary Gibson 81


Why join the Bandit Trans Am Club?

Along with the great  friends you'll make, there is also the opportunity for you and your Trans Am to be in a movie, or in a magazine, or maybe  someone might want to use your car for a wedding!  (Check it out, it really happened!)  One of our members got a great letter from Jerry Reed!  There's a copy of it in the letters page.  Whatever your reason is to join, you won't be sorry!  We all have a blast!