Mike Farrell

I purchased this car in 2002 Ė for my son- with the intention of just putting the engine back in and letting him drive it as his first car. Little did I know what we had! After my 1st National show, with build sheet in hand, I found out what we had. Just how rare I did not know. The owner I bought it from was going to turn it into a ľ mile drag car, he already had all the mechanicals out and lost interest. At first we cleaned it up and stuck the motor in, once around the block and I knew it was just to much for a 16 year old, been there done that. Iím the 3rd owner. Iíve tried to put this rare bird back to as close to original as possible. Itís nor perfect ďyetĒ but close. These picís are from the 05 Nationals it was the first time this car has been seen in public since 1986 when it was parked. You can also view a section of my build sheet at the Hogheadís bandit page, I met them at the 02 Nationals and they were the oneís to inform me of what I had.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

 T-Top Delete, Special Edition


Mike Farrell

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