Mike Kozar

Hi everyone. I believe introductions are in order, so here goes. My name is Mike, and hail from North west Pennsylvania. I have worked in product engineering for Sylvania these last 20 years. They supply the auto industry with lamp bulbs and electrical connectors, among other things. I have been into Trans Ams since 1976. I was fortunate to to purchase my Y82 special edition new in 1977, and I still own it today. Since I am the original owner, here's how I ended up with my 'Bird.

I ordered my '77 SE TA from the local Pontiac dealer in the fall of 1976 after seeing it on the August cover of Motor Trend. At that time, I had never even heard of the movie "Smokey & the Bandit" . Didn't take possession until March of 1977, when the car was delivered to the dealership. Included choices were the TA 6.6 with 4 speed, custom buckskin interior and most of the available options at the time. A very sweet ride!

I was just a 23 then. An interesting note, when the car did come in, the dealer told me he had several offers for the car while it was in the showroom, but since I had a $100 deposit I was first in line. I ended up paying full sticker price (~$7,790) and never looked back. Still own the car (and the Motor Trend magazine) and have loved them ever since! By the way, being the pack rat I am, I still have a lot of the Pontiac papers, ads, brochures, magazines, etc. from the seventies/eighties dealing with Trans Ams, and especially the Special Editions.

I continue to try and improve my Tran Am and right now I'm putting it through somewhat of a restoration. The first several years it was my daily driver, and with driving it on the Pennsylvania winter roads, it needed re-painted in 1981. Now, with that paint being almost 25 yrs. old, its showing its age. There are a few modifications to the original car - dual exhaust, re-jetted carb, rear window louvers and some handling upgrades.

I knew at the time I bought the car that I would never willingly sell or trade it for another. Its taken me to Florida and back twice on vacations. I have the memory of driving my son home from the hospital in my Trans Am when he was born in 1983, and just a few years ago he drove it to his senior prom! It surely has been a very big part of my adult life that I will never forget.  It was a unique vehicle when new, and now the Bandit SE cars popularity seems as strong as ever

Mike Kozar

1977 SE Trans Am

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