Old announcements from 2004-2005

08-30-05 Welcome new club member Trevor Unger from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!  Trevor is doing a ton of work to bring back a Bandit that is sure to look great when he is done!  The Bandit Club took 2nd place at the Trans Am Nationals for club participation, "way to go gang!"  So far there are 170 pictures of the event in the gallery.  www.bandittransamclub.com/gallery/Car-Shows  Check out the girl with the cool Phoenix tattooed on her back while your there. (No, not the one you already know about, this is a new one!) A big thank you to Todd Jaspers for his generous donation to the club!
08-22-05 Welcome new club member Ken de Vries from Victoria, Australia!  Ken put a lot of thought into his well written bio!  Please add some more pictures Ken!
08-11-05 Welcome new club member Bill Hockman from North Olmsted, Ohio! Bill has put a lot into his restoration and it shows! Add some more pictures to the gallery Bill!
08-10-05 Welcome new club member John Smidt from Lundby, Demark!  John is a lucky man to have found a mint '79 TA SE with 25,100 miles on it, in storage for the last ten years.  Great find John!
07-04-05 Happy Independence Day!  I would like the club to recognize members Bradley Greer, and Jeffrey Evans for their generous donations to the club!  Thank you Bradley and Jeffrey, Hazzah!  Because of member donations like theirs, the Bandit Club are official sponsors of the Trans Am Nationals this year!  Many members have already registered their cars for the show.  Welcome to new members Robert Boyd from Kansas, and Todd Kurtz from North Dakota! There are now two more letters in the letters page as of today.
05-01-05 The Bandit Club's website was just reviewed by www.fbodywarehouse.com in their monthly newsletter.  I put a copy of it in the letters page.  We also have two new club members on the website, welcome to Bobby Benson from North Carolina and Dan Fraser from British Columbia!  Many other members have joined to date but have yet to submit all the required info to get on the website.  Happy Spring to all!  George
04-10-05 Club members will recognize Colin Hobbs for his generous donation to the club!  Thank you Colin and Hazzah to you! Heath Thomas has had his '78 gold Bandit recognized as Pontiac of the month in his local Oakland club, and we are using that recognition as his bio on the members page.  Congradulations Heath!  While visiting Heath's local club website, www.sdpoci.com I found a great Pontiac parts dealer called Frank's Pontiac Parts.  They had everything I was looking for!  Also check out another awesome Speed Demon Newsletter from member Pat Smith!
04-02-05 Bandit Club members will recognize Warren Notschaele for his very generous donation of $50.00 to the Club.  Your donation will go a long way to help the club grow!  Thank you Warren, Hazzah to you!  (You still owe me a bio).   I forgot to mention in the previous announcement that there is now a donation button on the homepege and throughout the website.  Also, the Aimoo button has been replaced with a Letters button.  I have started receiving letters from all over, and I thought it might be nice to post a few every now and then.  The very first letter is a post card I got in the mail the other day from Hungary.  I scanned it for all to see, maybe you can read it better than me.  I understand the gist of it though, they really like Bandit's, and free stuff!
03-29-05 Bandit Club members will recognize Chris Dunnett for his very generous donation of $100.00 to the Club.  Where the Club realizes that not all members have the same income, and any donation to help keep it going is very, very much appreciated, Chris's donation will go a long way to help keep the club going!  If you're new to the Club, and have not read Chris's member page, there is a link to a song he wrote this last X-mas called "The 12 days of a Trans Am Christmas".   I encourage you to check it out;  it shows just how big a fan Chris is of the Bandit Trans Am!  Hazzah to you, Chris, and thank you!  Also, since the last announcement, we have gotten many new members, and the Club should take time to welcome them!  Welcome new members, David Birdwell, Jeffrey Evans, Mathias Schalk, Joao Pereira, Joel Auger, Jason Miller, and last, but not least, Colin Hobbs who has been a member for some time, but had not submitted a bio until recently!  There are also many new members who have started submitting their info, but have not completed all of it yet, so keep your eyes peeled for new blood, and more eye popping Bandits!  There have been many queries as to whether or not I am going to attend the Nationals this year.  I will make every effort to attend, and if I can go, I will bring Bandit Club t-shirts for every member that also goes for a small fee to cover the cost of the shirt.  Don't email me for any just yet;  I have not ordered them.  I hope to have my '76 LE ready for the show with new paint and decals; the rest of her is looking fantastic!  I am also looking into Club stickers for our cars.  Have a great summer! George
02-08-05 Read this!!! We have a new member, "Jason Paris", who has some of the best friends a guy could have! "Bandit" Rich Beer has submitted his bio and a BUNCH of new photos! Pat Smith has submitted February's outstanding Speed Demon newsletter!  Randy Combs is Fbodywarehouse's monthly product review with an outstanding 8.5 out of 10 rating! Best of all, we have another request from a TV show to help find a '76 and '77 Bandit for a British show that is sure to jack the value of your TA SE through the roof!  I encourage all to respond to their email that is in the Yahoo archives.
01-02-05 Welcome new member Michael Harper! Nice '76 LE!
01-02-05 Tim Collins has submitted his bio and a new member photo, Joe Bays has some 2nd gen., Target Sweatshirts, he says: " I don't get to Target pretty often, but I went there today and got what was left of their bandit T/A sweatshirts, except for the smalls. These are black hooded sweatshirts with the Gothic "Trans Am" and 76-77-style bird. All they had were a pair of XL's and one Medium. I paid $20 each for them with tax. Does anybody want one? I remember some members had asked for somebody to get them one, but I don't remember at all. Also, does anybody want an adult small? (I'd have to go back)."
12-31-04 The Bandit Club has it's first Sponsor!  Welcome to Fbodywarehouse and Pete DeFazio, owner.  Lets give Pete a big thank you!  2005 is starting out great!  Happy New Year!
12-29-04 Welcome new member Frank Johengen who used to be a member when the club was ran by Crawford Smith.  Frank is currently restoring a 1979 Bandit, and is the webmaster of www.Tachrev.com.  Take some time to check out his great website and say hi!
12-26-04 Randy Combs got the PHS documents on his 1976 LE and it's official! He is now a member of the club. Randy will be restoring his LE for the next year, and uploading his progress in the gallery.  If your new to the club and don't know who Randy is, Randy has a Bezel restoration service that does an excellent job restoring the '76 through '81 dash bezels, steering wheels, and shift plates.  He has already done four dashes for me this year and they all look outstanding!  Congratulations on your LE find!
12-26-04 Special Report: The 5 best Pontiacs ever made; by Pat Smith
12-26-04 A great Christmas song written by Chris Dunnett :::: The 12 Days of a Trans Am Christmas
11-08-04 It's that time again!  Another great issue of Pat Smith's Speed Demon Newsletter!  Thanks again Patrick!
10-19-04 A touching story from Tyler and his Bandit.

My daughter approached me about six months ago and asked "What are doing on Oct the 16th?"  Why?, My daughter explained that her friend was getting married and she wanted to suprise her new hubby with a Bandit ride from the church to the reception (about 15 miles away). My daughter also explained the groom's father had a 77 Bandit and had promised the car to his son when he turned 16.  Their house burned down and unfortunately the car was in the carport and they lost everything.  The groom, Brian, was about 10 years old at the time and was heart broken. He has watched the movie 1000 times and has built many models of the TA. His dream was to one day own a real one.  He remembered riding in the car as a kid and would never forget those good memories.   I said ,sure!!!   I found a cowboy hat like the Bandits and the rest is history.  We kept it a secret and no one knew about it until I pulled into the church. The groom's Dad was speechless and I saw a tear running down his face. He thanked me 100 times and I promised him a ride someday. I posted a few pictures in my gallery on the website. I have better ones being developed. Isn't it neat how 'a special edition car' touched so many lives and made so many of us happy and thankful for what we have.  See ya Tyler


09-17-04 It's that time again!  Another great issue of Pat Smith's Speed Demon Newsletter! Go to Pat's member page for the links!  Thanks again Patrick!
09-17-04 Welcome new member Johnny Bolt! Check out Johnny's bio and pictures on the members page and the gallery! Also check out some of the new service and parts links on the "For Sale" page!
09-02-04 Welcome new member Joseph Novak!
09-01-04 Check out Randy Combs' Bezel Restoration Page! Thanks for the tip Ken!
08-16-04 Welcome new member Justin Hockersmith!  (Thank you for your patience Justin! It has been a busy summer for me, and I apologize for the delay in getting you set up.)
08-16-04 The August issue of the Speed Demon newsletter has been posted.
07-11-04 The July issue of Pat's Speed Demon newsletter has been posted, happy reading gang!  Thanks again Pat!
07-01-04 Check out new member Chris Dunnett from Belgrade.
06-13-04 Check out Pat's Speed Demon newsletter again, it now has pictures of the Marauder! Bruce Hamilton has submitted a bio!
06-09-04 We have a new '76 anniversary edition in the club.  Welcome Michael Tyler!
06-09-04 Pat Smith's Speed Demon newsletter for June is ready for reading!  This time it's about the 2003 Mercury Marauder !!!  Enjoy!
05-10-04 Member Cam Barnhill's bio and pictures have been added to the site.  Cam has a '77 that looks hot-to-trot! I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day!
04-27-04 Pat's May Speed Demon newsletter is out and on the site.  Bandit Club members get to read it first!  Enjoy!
04-08-04 The Bandit Club is now going to host Pat Smith's newsletter that he calls the "Speed Demon"  It comes out once a month, and we will have them all for the reading in an archived page dedicated to his work.  We also have a couple of new members: Peter Martinez, and Brett Campbell!  Check out there bio's and gallery photos when you get a chance.  Brett has a '78 T/A that I know you guys have seen.  It's not an SE, but when you see who Brett is, you will see why he is now an honorary member!
04-07-04 Calling all members!!! Does someone have some spinning and burning 2nd gen gold eagles that I can swap for those darn 3rd gen ones??? Also, the online membership form is online!  The link to it is on the homepage.

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