Old announcements from 2005-2006

12-15-06 Look at the little mini V8 engine running on the video page! If anyone knows about it, let me know, I'd like to do a follow up story. George
11-26-06 Welcome new member Daniel Karen from Davis California, and his 79 Bandit!  Also check out some more new videos on the Video page!
11-19-06 Ok, lots to talk about!  There is another cool video to watch on the video page.  It's a Nelly song with a "Smokey and the Bandit" theme called "Ride Wit Me".  Normally this song has explicit lyrics, but this is a cleaned up version, and it's just fun to watch with an all black cast including the sheriff and his son!  I was contacted by an outfit in California called Jamie Dean Studio to see if we had any members there with a 77 SE they could use in a photo shoot with Burt Reynolds as the Bandit for an M&M ad that may be on bill boards and magazine ads.  I got them together with David Hershey in Texas and Dave Hall in Lincoln, at Restore A Muscle Car.  I knew both were close to California and both had some hot looking 77's ready to go!  It looks like Dave and a client he has in California that I didn't know about, will do the shoot tomorrow.  To read more about it, go to the Letters page and scroll down. The Club was just in the latest issue of "Rods and Wheels E-Magazine" issue number 06:11:02 November 13, 2006.  It's a great article about us and I put a copy of it to read in the Letters page.  I have also started a gallery album called "The First Bandit Club". Contributions from Jeffrey Wright and Jim Zaremba made it possible. A big thanks to them for the pictures and stories!  Jim's car is still being restored, there is a copy of the letter he sent me in the Letters page. If anyone else has some pictures from the first club, email them to me and I'll get them in the album. Pat Smith has submitted another great Speed Demon article called: "There’s no Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car", THANKS PAT!
11-12-06 I got my hands on the Smokey and the Bandit movie trailer from the first movie.  There is a link to it in the video area. It's fun to watch, enjoy!
11-06-06 I have added an RPO code look up feature to the website!  You can request one code at a time, or buy the whole list for all Pontiacs between 1976 and 1981.  I have wanted to do this for a while.  Check it out here: RPO Code Help It's normal link is one the "Car Info" page. George
10-25-06 Welcome to our newest member from North Haven, CT, John Gaudet!  John is in the trucking industry and feels that his Bandit Trans Am is the perfect way to express who he his!  He has just started his restoration and will need lots of advice!  John has also made the largest monetary donation to the club to date and that will go a longgg way to keeping this great club of ours going! Lets give him a big Bandit Club welcome!  Thanks John!!!
09-09-06 Check out Pat Smith's latest Speed Demon Restoration Tip called;  "The Dead Eagle Flies!"  Also, have a look at the Magazine that club member Chris Dunnett ended up in. For those of you that haven't seen the pictures from the TA Nationals, here is a link to their website: 2006 Trans Am Nationals
09-01-06 Welcome newest member Michael Mestrandrea, and our first two honorary members from England Chris Swindon and Chris Jardine!
08-26-06 Check out overseas correspondent Chris Dunnett's latest report from the 2006 UK Classic Motor Show! Americana International
08-15-06 Welcome our new member W.T. Curd from Chesterfield, Virginia!
07-24-06 Welcome our newest member from Saskatchewan Canada, Wes Simpson!  Also check out the latest Speed Demon from Pat Smith!
06-30-06 Welcome our new sponsor, Phoenix Graphix!  You have all expressed your ideas for who the best decal company was based on your personal experiences, and now they are our sponsor! Phoenix Graphix has outstanding products ready to ship. For all your decal graphics needs go to: www.phoenixgraphix.com
06-21-06 I just left my car with Dave Hall at Restore A Muscle Car in Lincoln Nebraska.  I was flabbergasted at the quality of work he is doing.  His cars look better than factory!  I took a few pictures while I was there.  Here is a link: Pictures  I know my car is in good hands.
06-19-06 Welcome new club member Neil Cofell from Bismarck North Dakota!  Neil has an special 81 Bandit that was customized by Trans Am Specialties!  It is number 24, and Neil is looking for anyone that may have another or know something about the company that produced these.  Check out his gallery for a picture of the documentation he got with the car.
06-12-06 Welcome new club member David Hershey from Keller Texas!  David has a very hot 77 restored by our sponsor, "Restore a Muscle Car.Com".  He also wants to organize a Bandit drive in the near future.  Check out his member page for more details, and Restore a Muscle Car.com for details of the awards he won with his prize car!
06-05-06 Welcome our newest member David "Soupy" Szczublewski!  He landed a rare black 1978 Bandit Trans Am, and it's hot!
04-28-06 Check out the great information Wikipedia compiled on "Smokey and the Bandit", courtesy of member Jon O'neall. Thank Jon great find!  You can find a link to it at the bottom of the Trivia page.

04-19-06 Check out this Blog from a Popular Mechanics Editor, here is his email:  Hi, I'm the west coast editor of Popular Mechanics Magazine and a faithful Smokey fanatic. I own a 1978 T/A and wrote a blog entry on our website asking GM to bring back the 'Bird. Check it out and let your members know too... http://www.popularmechanics.com/blog/automotive/2690321.html Thanks!--Ben Stewart

03-28-06 Welcome new club member Rocky Cloutier and his black 1978 Trans Am SE!
03-22-06 Welcome to our first 1979, 10th Anniversary member, Derrick Hickey from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!
03-13-06 Welcome new club member Ronnie Spires and Jamie Lee !
02-26-06 Welcome new club member Brandon Atkins and Gary Drew !
02-12-06 Check out the latest Speed Demon Restoration tip from Pat Smith - he pulls the engine on his project car this time!
02-06-06 Welcome new club members Mike Farrell and Chris Driggers !
02-02-06 Welcome to our newest, and luckiest club member, Geoff Leeson from Baldivis, Western Australia!  He landed a perfect, unmolested, running, 1980 Turbo SE for a killer price! Also, the reformatting of the website is coming along great, but be patient, I have a lot of pages to go over! Welcome new member Brian Heap!
01-24-06 Welcome new club member Tony Tirone from Poughkeepsie New York! Also have a look at the new style forum with new Avatars, and smiles, and the redesigned gallery!
01-15-06 Welcome new club member and winner in the SE class at the Nationals in 2005, Kent Fuller Check out his bio for some other surprises!
01-11-06 Ok gang, check out Chris Dunnet's new logo and Overseas reporter page that highlights his writing's from around the globe!  It's yet another wonder chapter in the history of our new club!  It's on the homepage!  We are still updating his member page to reflect his move to London and his writing.  Thanks Chris!
01-04-06 Welcome and thank you to our newest and 8th sponsor to the club www.78TA.com , otherwise known as Hitman, and or Brett Campbell!  What a great way to start a new year!  Also, the Club Shirt page is ready!
12-29-05 Welcome new club members Mark Hanegraaf from Australia, and Mitch Alexander who is the proud owner of two 79 SE's and lives in New York!  The club shirts are in and I'll post pictures soon!  The Club Registry Certificate has a new look for 2006 with the old German Element font we found! Happy New Year to all! Be safe!
12-21-05 Check out the latest Speed Demon Newsletter from writer Pat Smith, and his new picture in front of his TA on his member page! Also welcome new club member Jason Ashbrook and his 1978 TA SE! Also, it's Christmas time!  If you haven't seen Chris Dunnett's,  "12 days of a Trans Am Christmas", go to his member page,  and click on the link to his Christmas song!
10-20-05 Welcome new member Jacob Shepherd from WestChester Ohio!
10-19-05 Welcome our newest sponsor Restore A Muscle Car.com ! For you members who were wondering who did full restorations on our Bandit's, here they are!  Take some time to check out their website and say hi! Dave the owner also has SIX Bandit's in his collection and is joining the club when he gets the time!
10-18-05 Welcome new club members James Sauer from Owensboro, Kentucky, and Kevin O'Hare from Whitby Ontario! Club shirts are in the works as of today!  Keep that information coming, my email is cleaning out great!
10-10-05 Thank you Brett Mauk for your generous donation to the club!  Welcome our new sponsor, "Wright's Parts"! Jeff Wright has been a member of the club since the dark ages, and now he is our latest sponsor! Check out Pat Smith's latest Speed Demon Newsletter and his first Speed Demon Restoration Tip!  Congratulations to "Bandit" Rich Beer for his third place win at the Nutmeg chapter of POCI - the Charter Oak Birds, in New England!  Condrad's to Ken Roth for getting that fuel filter changed! (FINALLY)!  Watch for Heeter's gold '78 to be in yet another picture shoot!  Don't forget to get me those bio's and pictures! (You know who you are)!
09-26-05 Welcome new club member Brett Mauk from Fort Wayne, Indiana!  Brett has two very outstanding 1977 Bandit's, (jealous yet?) One of them has the rare N-67 gold Rally wheel option! Great member page picture Brett, thanks!  Add some more to the gallery, I'm sure you can take some interesting pictures with those two hotties!
09-19-05 Welcome new club member Chuck Stovall Jr. from Brighton, Colorado! He's got a totally original low mileage '77 in mint condition! While your  looking at his member page, note how he had his picture taken with the car, "THAT'S WHAT I WANT YOU ALL TO DO!" Also welcome our newest sponsor "Gold Bezel Restoration Service", otherwise known as club member Randy Combs.  If your looking for someone to restore your gold dash bezel, steering wheel, or shifter plate, he's your man. (I know from experience because he's done 3 bezels and a steering wheel for me so far and they were all wonderful!
09-06-05 Welcome new club member Mike Cahill from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada! He has a very hot 1981 Bandit, plus he owned a '77 and '79 before that!
09-04-05 Welcome new club member Paul Jackson from London, Ontario, Canada!  He has a one owner 1980 Turbo that he bought new in 1980!  It is a great looking car to this day!
09-03-05 Welcome our new sponsor,  "Hoghead's Firebird and Trans Am Parts" !  Not only is Hoghead's our newest sponsor but owners Joe Bays and Brian Morelock have been active club member since the beginning of the first Bandit Club and continue to be active members assisting club members with valuable information on the restoration of their Bandit T/A's in the new club!  In case you have never been to Joe and Brian's website, there is an invaluable section on the facts and fiction of what a Bandit Trans Am really is that I suggest you read before you go out and spend a fortune on a clone!  They really knows their stuff!
09-02-05 Welcome to our new sponsor, "Eagle's Classic Auto Parts" !  I encourage all the members to check out their website and spread the word that there is another great source for 2nd gen parts for our cars.
08-30-05 Welcome new club member Trevor Unger from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!  Trevor is doing a ton of work to bring back a Bandit that is sure to look great when he is done!  The Bandit Club took 2nd place at the Trans Am Nationals for club participation, "way to go gang!"  So far there are 170 pictures of the event in the gallery.  www.bandittransamclub.com/gallery/Car-Shows  Check out the girl with the cool Phoenix tattooed on her back while your there. (No, not the one you already know about, this is a new one!) A big thank you to Todd Jaspers for his generous donation to the club!
08-22-05 Welcome new club member Ken de Vries from Victoria, Australia!  Ken put a lot of thought into his well written bio!  Please add some more pictures Ken!
08-11-05 Welcome new club member Bill Hockman from North Olmsted, Ohio! Bill has put a lot into his restoration and it shows! Add some more pictures to the gallery Bill!
08-10-05 Welcome new club member John Smidt from Lundby, Denmark!  John is a lucky man to have found a mint '79 TA SE with 25,100 miles on it, in storage for the last ten years.  Great find John!
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