Chris Dunnett - Overseas Correspondent

Chris Dunnett has the kind of life some would envy.  He has a fascinating job as a United States diplomat that takes him to exotic foreign locations (check out his member page for the complete bio).   The downside is that living abroad representing his country means that he is thousands of miles away from his precious 78 Special Edition T/A and only gets to drive it once or twice a year.  A real patriotic sacrifice!  This makes the connection with other T/A enthusiasts through the Bandit Trans Am Club even more important to Chris.  Now Chris has decided to add creative writing and journalism to his repertoire to give something in exchange for all the Club member e-mails that keep him up with the hobby.  We are going to call him our Overseas Correspondent!   He has volunteered to keep our club abreast of Trans Am, and car show activity wherever he travels.  Chris is also a great song writer and created the 12 days of a Trans Am Christmas that is a traditional favorite here at the Bandit Club every year! 

Click on the links below to read Chris's work:

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British Grand Prix

Also check out the Christmas song Chris wrote

The 12 Days of a Trans Am Christmas

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