Robin "Burt" Reinholdtsen

First of all I would like to all of The Bandit/Trans Am fan's out there!
My name is Robin "Burt" Reinholdtsen. I am 33 years old, and from Norway.
 The name "Burt" I got from the guys at our local, American Muscle Car Club, because of my Smokey and The Bandit madness. 
The madness started when I was about 5 year old. 
I was a real wild child...but when my mom put on Smokey and The Bandit (VHS of course) she got about 90 minutes, of much needed peace and quiet.
I was lost in The music, The CB-talk, Jerry Reed's warmth, The scenery and of course in The black Trans Am, and let's not forget Mr. Jackie Gleason's vein-popping performance! I've must have seen that movie thousands of times! 
Right then and there, I promised myself that ONE day....I would own a Trans AM.
Almost 25 years went, before I made myself yet another promise.
In 2005 I was diagnosed with cancer, so I promised myself, if I made it thru this, I would go after my dream car! Life is short!
In 2008 I found her! Black on Black, 38.000miles on her. 77 SE. (PHS Doc) No Clone! 400, Y82. Hurst Dual Gate Shifter (Aftermarket probably), Hurts T-Tops. Bought new at Boomershine Pontiac`s in Atlanta!
Now I'm well, and like Snowman, I drive a truck for a livin`, and enjoying my T/A whenever I can!
So thank you for letting me join your club.
Take good care of yourselves AND your car's! Enjoy them!
So 10-4 people! I'm 10-10 on the side! :) I'm gonna go do a 10-100. ;))
Robin "Burt" Reinholdtsen

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