Ron Kruse

I have owned this 1977 T/A since 1989.  I purchased it in California.  It has had six owners.  The T/A was in major disrepair and headed for the scrap yard.  I parked it when I moved to Nevada in 1992 and was going to restore this true classic gem of a car.  After 14 years I now shall try to restore the 77 Bandit, one of the first off the line at Pontiac Michigan.  I know the personal history of this T/A Bandit of which would make a great story!  However time is my handicap, not enough of it!

Your website renewed my interest in the Bandit, thanks!

My other special car is a 95% original 1965 Catalina 2+2 convertible 421, 356 hp fun parade car too!

Former Bandit Club member, 

Ron Kruse

Ron's Old Bandit Club Certificate.

A letter he got from Crawford Smith, the first Bandit Club Director.

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