Steen Kirkeby Pedersen

"The Fastest car in Denmark 2004 - 2005"

My name is Steen Pedersen and I come from Faxe, Denmark.  I own a small auto repair shop and as a hobby I've got a drag racing team with my friends.

I got my Trans Am in 1999, and used it for street, and strip-racing for 7 years.

In 2004 and 2005 I won a prize for, "The Fastest Car in Denmark", in an official street-race called DHB (Denmark's Fastest Car).
In 2007 I decided to rebuild my car back to a standard street model instead of a drag race car.  So now my and my wife are trying to rebuild it as a Ban 3 Car.
My car has approximately 600 horsepower.
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Steen Pedersen

These are some videos from the 2004 DHB in Denmark. My Trans Am is in Part 4!

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