Steve Thompson

Yes, call me Mr. Trans Am Nut!  Hereís why.

Seven years ago while at a Hot Rod Show with my two teenage sons, I saw a sign stating 1978 Trans Am for sale. I wrote down the phone number and called the owner. The car was in Denver, Colorado and owned by a deputy sheriff. So I thought this might be a safe purchase, the car couldnít be ďhotĒ. After three visits to see the car, I bought it. My then fifteen year old son helped restore the interior, which was in bad shape. A year later, we got it painted (its original Starlight Black). It was not a SE, but had every option available from the factory. We decided to make it a Bandit Tribute Car and began showing it. We did not realize how rare a 77-78 Bandit or Bandit Tribute Car was. Attending over 100 car shows in Colorado and Arizona, we never saw one other 77/78 Bandit or Bandit Clone.

At a car show in 2004, a guy came up to me and said he had a 77 TA. He went home and drove it back to the show, to let me see it. It was a 77 SE that the prior owner had painted blue. I asked if it was for sale and he said no. I called him every six months, till he finally said that he would sell it. In the fall of 2006, I was the proud owner of a black SE painted blue. How could you do this to a black bandit SE? I had it painted in February/March 2007 and planned to take it on the first Bandit Run. I also installed a new CB radio, polished the wheels, new tires, new CD radio with six CD player in the trunk, 500 watt amp in the trunk, new graphics and complete tune up. This car had not been driven over 200 miles in two years. Was I crazy to take it on the first ever Bandit Run? Well crazy or not, I did. I was the only Colorado car to drive on the Bandit Run. It was a blast! To drive with fellow Trans Am crazies, was an experience I will never forget. Driving to Atlanta and back was well worth the $600 I spent on fuel.

Why Mr. Trans Am Nut? Three years ago, I wanted a Trans Am Leather Jacket. I searched everywhere and could find none. So I contacted an embroidery shop and asked them to make me one, with the hood bird (screaming chicken or what ever you want to call it) on the back of the jacket. Our first problem was to find a bird that was unprotected. Hours later, we found one. When I saw the finished jacket for the first time, I knew it was something special. It looked better than awesome! I decided to make 4 more and put them on eBay. They sold immediately and my eBay business was born. I now sell leather, zip hooded nylon and snap shiny black satin jackets. I have sold some all over the world.

Why Mr. Trans Am Nut? I own an insurance office with a garage in the rear. I had to make a Trans Am wall of memorabilia, a Route 66 wall of memorabilia, a car show poster wall and a splash of 50ís, 60ís, and 70ís memorabilia. Yes, I put down a black and white tile in part of the back garage. My 77 TA sits on top of a black and white rectangular area. One has to highlight a car like this! My office garage is a Trans Am showplace.

Last fall 2007, I decided to put my 78 Trans Am Bandit Tribute Car on eBay. In four days, I had over 4000 hits and sold it to a couple in Dallas. I wanted to focus on my 77 SE and finish decorating my office garage. For 2008 and beyond, I plan to attend as many car events as I can and enjoy my Bandit Car. Driving around in a Bandit Car is something you must experience. Itís hard to explain the feeling or rush one gets, when people honk/wave/yell/scream at you as you drive. People take photos of my car as I gas up, talk to me at stoplights and stop me in parking lots to chat. What a rush!

My Bandit Run story was published in the January 2008 National Firebird/Trans Am Club issue (my car is on the front cover) and my office garage was in the January 2008 issue of Hagerty Agent Report. I am so lucky to have stumbled upon that 78 Trans Am for sale back in 2001. It made me the Trans Am Nut that I am today.

Steve Thompson

Steve also sells a fantastic looking Bandit Trans Am leather jacket and other great items in his Firebird Trans Am Apparel store on EBay!

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I"I finally got to meet Steve at the Cruzin' Havana Car Show and Poker Run, and it was a pleasure to whip out my movie camera and make a movie for his member page!"