Bandit Enthusiasts,

I am a long time NJ resident and an old car enthusiast.  I recently ran across something that your group might be interested in seeing.

Back in the 70’s, as you probably know, the Bandit Trans Ams were built/modified at a local shop here on Route 38 in Cherry Hill, NJ.  I remember the Bandit shop, as at the time, I ran another repair shop just down the road.  Unfortunately, I cannot say I was ever in the Bandit shop.

Yesterday, on my way to a car cruise, I noticed the building where the Bandit cars used to be built was being renovated again.  It has gone through a multitude of changes through the years, from a repair shop, to a small used car dealer, even to a sub sandwich shop.  Low and behold, for this renovation they had taken some of the façade down from the building revealing the original Bandit and Burt Reynolds signage.

I took a few photos yesterday and went back again today to the lot for a few more and I am sending them along to you.  Figured you might want to have these photos for your files before this part of the history behind your cars is destroyed.

Enjoy and keep up the good work in preserving the hobby and these fantastic cars.

Best Regards,

Frank T. Grasso

Merchantville, NJ

 If you know the history of this place, or have a car that was worked on here, drop us a line, or send us some pictures so we can fill in the blanks!