Thomas and Ginger Suter

We're Tom and Ginger and we live in Parker, Colorado. I'm a cop, she's a dispatcher for the State Patrol, and we've been married almost 10 years. 

We purchased our Trans Am in Bakersfield, California from the original owner in 2003. I found the car in the Auto Trader and called the owner. After feeling each other out for a few minutes we found out we're both cops and the rest was easy. I bought the car sight unseen after our conversation. I wired the money, he sent me the title and loaded the car onto a transporter to Colorado. He told me that his father had purchased the car for his mother in 1978 after she saw it in a local mall. Her husband had recently died and she couldn't bear to keep the car. 

The Trans Am is a solar gold 1978 SE with camel tan cloth interior. It has 45,700 original miles on the speedometer, is rust free, has never been wrecked, and is in unrestored condition.

I purchased my first gold 1978 Trans Am while in the Army after I returned from Korea. I was assigned to the Big Red One in Ft. Riley, Kansas in the fall of 1988. That was back in the days when you could still find them on used car lots. I traded it in several years later on a 1970 Buick GS 455 and have always regretted it. When it came time to purchase another muscle car it came down to either a corvette or a trans am. It was an easy decision.

Tom and Ginger

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