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My name is Trevor Unger, and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been interested in Trans Ams since childhood, though I have only recently in the seven years been an owner of one. My first TA was a repainted 1978 Y88 se that I bought for $3500.00. I fixed this car up and sold it for another passion on mine, a motorcycle. I soon realized that I needed another TA in the garage and started looking for a 1977 Special Edition Bandit. I found that car in a town near Chicago, Illinois. I trailered it 17 hours back home to Winnipeg, Manitoba. This car was black on black auto in excellent condition. Other than installing a set of refurbished snowflake wheels, this car was a keeper !

About a year and a half later, I had stumbled across an ad of a Trans Am SE in a car trader for sale in Edmonton, Alberta. After confirming with GM of Canada, that this car was Special Edition and a numbers matching W72 4sp, with vinyl firethorn red standard interior, I bought it somewhat sight unseen (this car was originally purchased from Grove Pontiac in Smokey Lake, AB). All along knowing it had some rust issues and was going to need a lot of work and money, I had it shipped home! Nearly a year later and a lot of hard deliberation, I sold my auto TA back to a gentleman in the eastern USA. It was time to start working on the 4 speed.

Two and a half years later, I am nearly complete a frame off restoration of my W72 4sp SE TA ! It has been a long road and in a few weeks I will finally have it shipped to Calgary, AB where my wife and I and our 2 boys now live. As of now, I have everything completed on the car except the decal kit, some interior work (seals), headliner, carpet and exhaust. I will have to wait until next summer before I finally get to drive this car, but it will be good to have it in my garage again.

I have enclosed some photos of what this car looked like when we started this project, and some of the steps till the nearly finished job that the car sits in now. I look forward to being part of this enthusiast group and having the opportunity to chat with you all ! If there are any questions or remarks, please e-mail me at


Trevor Unger
1977 W72 4 sp SE

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