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  • The car runs great, and looks great!
  • Everything still works including the factory 8 track. The only thing that doesn't work is the clock.
  • The first owner only had to drive a mile or so to get to work, so the car only has 69,000 miles on it.  The AC still blows cold!
  • I am restoring the car to mint condition. I didn't want to do anything to it, but after all these years the decals were really fading.
  • This is what the dash looked like when i bought it.
  • This is the dash after Combses Dash Restoration restored it!  It looks even better in the car! (Thanks Randy)
  • The full body restoration is about to begin.
  • They are going to take all the paint off down to the bare metal.
  • I just wanted to document what the car looked like first.  Note the bumper.  It's bad, and I'm having a tough time finding someone to restore them.

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This is what the dash looked like when i bought it.

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