Gardening Links for Families

The world is a hectic place, filled with activities that keep families in motion. Often, both kids and parents spend their days busy with work, school, and extracurricular activities. This leaves precious little time to spend on enjoyable leisure activities as a family unit. Gardening is an activity that parents can do with their children, regardless of age. Families who garden together are spending valuable time together working for a common purpose and building fond memories. Additionally, parents are helping educate their children and building an appreciation for the environment.

Kinder Garden Resources

Children may begin gardening during their kindergarten years or earlier. Very young children can start simply by playing in the dirt and mimicking the actions of a gardening parent. As kids get older, parents or teachers may help them start their own simple garden at home or at school. Kids who begin gardening early have an increased chance of developing an appreciation for the activity. It is also helpful for younger children as they develop motor skills. Gardening is a beneficial educational activity that allows kids to learn about the different plant parts and how they grow. For some the gardening skills that they learn in kindergarten and beyond may become a lifelong hobby or affect future career choices.

Resources for Grownups

Successful gardening requires a basic understanding of a number of topics including soil care, what plants grow in one's area, and how to actually plant and care for the garden. For some people, planting may come naturally; however, others may require a bit of assistance. People can learn how to be better gardeners by taking one or more gardening classes. Other ways to improve one's gardening skills is to read the host of gardening tips online or, for specific questions, to speak to a gardening expert at a local nursery.

Specialty Links: The Beauty of the Bonsai and the Lily

Both a bonsai and lilies are beautiful plants; however, caring for them requires a degree of knowledge and know-how. Lilies are a type of flowering plant that can be found around the world. For many, the most recognizable lily is the Easter lily as it is highly commercialized for gift giving on holidays such as Easter or Mother's Day. Most true lilies share common traits, with one of them being their large, trumpet-like flowers. These flowers may come in various colors depending on the lily, and may even be spotted. Different cultures from around the world have used specific species of lilies for a variety of purposes that range from food to decoration. Bonsai trees are miniature trees that are cultivated and shaped using various pruning and defoliation techniques. They are styled to have a specific look, most often a shape that can be found in nature. This is often a very relaxing pastime, however, practice and some instruction is typically necessary.